Paying Alpha Epsilon Delta Dues through Venmo

If you already have a venmo account:

Please pay your dues to Alyssa AED. In the description, please write “AED Dues.”

Use "CAMEO 5K Pre-registration" in the description if you're paying for the race.

For new Venmo users:

Make an account at or through the Venmo app. Once you have created the venmo account, add your bank or credit card information, which can be found in the settings.  It is recommended that you choose the bank information option because you will be charged a 3% fee if you decide to use your credit card. Follow the steps to add the payment option in the app such as adding the account number and routing number.

Once your Venmo account has been setup, click pay or the clipboard icon on the app. You will need to pay Alyssa AED. Type in the dues amount and finally in the “What’s it for?” add AED Dues or CAMEO 5K Pre-registration depending on what you're paying for. Click the pay button and it’s that easy! You will get a confirmation in your email that the transaction has been completed. Please save that email confirmation in case there is an error. The online receipt will be AED’s method of verifying that member dues have been paid.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Alyssa P at .