Induction checklist

  • Pay $40 dues for the year (includes free AED item/s).

  • Submit local chapter application.

  • Obtain 30 points in one academic year ( 1 point= 2 hours of service).

  • Attend 1 special event per SEMESTER.

  • Attend 1 social per YEAR.

  • One time national registration fee of $75.

  • Complete at least 3 semesters of pre-professional studies at FSU with at least a 3. 2 general AND science GPA (Dual enrollment grades are not included).


What does it mean to be an inducted member?

There are two levels of membership with AED. The basic level is known as the Local Membership level where you are only required to simply fill out the Local Chapter Application ("Apply Here" button at the very bottom of this page), pay the application dues (includes free AED item/s), and maintain a 3.2 cumulative FSU GPA and Science GPA (not including dual enrollment) in order to accumulate points by attending meetings and events held by our chapter.

Once you accumulate 30 points in either the Fall, Spring, or both, then you will be eligible for the next level of membership known as the Inducted Membership level.  To become an inducted member of our nationally recognized pre-health organization, you must complete the above criteria in order to enjoy the inducted member perks. Once inducted into our AED chapter, you are eligible to wear our graduation cords on the day of your graduation, apply for AED scholarships, attend the AED National Convention that occurs biennially, submit articles for publication in the Scalpel, a journal sent out to all AED's in the country, apply to become an Executive Board member, and more.

To become an inducted member...

You MUST complete the following requirements listed above, with no exceptions. Once you have fulfilled each of these requirements, you will be responsible for submitting the Induction Paperwork added below at the end of the Spring 2019 academic year.

start your journey today and join our fellow members!